What's The Cthulhu Hack?

The Cthulhu Hack is a traditional tabletop role-playing game. Friends sit around a table - or meet online - and narrate stories; as the Player, who acts the part of a character in the story, or as the Gamemaster (GM), who sets the scene, leads the tale, plays the part of non-player characters (the extras), and keeps order.

The Cthulhu Hack isn't tied to a specific time period or location.

Where's The Cthulhu Hack?

The Cthulhu Hack is available in print, PDF and POD. You can pick up print editions from All Rolled Up (ARU) online or at UK conventions. DriveThruRPG fulfils PDF editions. You can get the Core Book in POD from DriveThru and Lulu; other books are available POD only through Lulu.

Why The Cthulhu Hack?

Role-playing offers a lot of games in Lovecraft's mythos, but The Cthulhu Hack focuses on simple, accessible rules and mechanics designed to emulate the slow spiral of self-destruction that dominates the original tales. Campaigns becomes about the over-arching threat against the whole of humankind, rather than the insignificant lives of just a few investigators.

Support The Cthulhu Hack

As well as the expanding range of books available, The Cthulhu Hack has more content available to those supporting the line on Patreon.com. As a patron you get updates, early access, playtest materials and more.

Cover images in print may vary from that shown on this site.